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Are you looking for an understanding, dedicated and growth-oriented therapist? As a child therapist working in Sonoma County for 8 years my passion is unrelenting in helping your child move past troubling circumstances and succeed!                

 As a Family Law Court-Involved Mental Health Therapist, I seek to create harmony in even the most high-conflict cases. My child-centered approach puts your precious child or teen where they belong: as the foremost priority during stressful transitions and challenges in co-parenting. I provide consultation on child development, school issues, anxiety, AD/HD and past child abuse or trauma. I help parents and children who have been estranged to re-connect and create the potential for a positive future. I am available to design specific child-sharing agreements through mediation and co-parenting counseling. I also provide child interviews and feedback to the caregivers, which often leads to more durable resolutions in divorce or other disputes. 


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